About Us

Love shortbread...

I truly believe that cookies are the answer to everything. This belief began as a child while I waited for my Nana Audrey to bring home-made shortbread every holiday season, a family recipe prepared for years. When I was young, shortbread was labor intensive to make, so this cookie was only prepared for the holiday - thus becoming a tradition.

These were my absolute favorites. I loved them so much, I learned to prepare them myself at a very young age. I began making shortbread, like my grandmother, as gifts to all of our friends and family who celebrated the holiday seasons with our family. I made thousands and gave them out in tins along with tea to enjoy on holiday mornings. It became an expectation and almost always I was told that our guests did not want to forget theirs to bring home.

One year, a client of mine who came to my family's holiday celebration got her first taste of the family shortbread. She asked me if I would make her several bags to hand out at an art event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Little did I know, my dear friend had brought my cookies to the gourmet food show and sold them to over 10 tea houses in Los Angeles. I was not ready to then begin my cookie career, but always knew it was there for me. Today - I am ready to share these heartwarming cookies.

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Contact us directly by emailing us at shortbreadforever@gmail.com, or send us a direct message to our instagram account at love_shortbread.