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Let Love Rule

  • Christie Pence

  • Chaparral Art Studio

  • Womens Heritage

  • Sunny Oberto

  • Moons Thai Cuisine

  • Kim DiMarzio

  • Ojai Coffee Roasters

  • Mindy Conary

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  • Yvonne Hanson

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  • Gideon Davis

    You can travel across the world and you will not find a better cookie than Love Shortbread. The perfect combination of sweet and salty... get ready to fall in love! Loved them so much I bought them all for my co-workers for the holidays. Definitely 5 stars but give them 11 stars if I could!!!

  • Ojai Coffee Roasters

    My customers feel the love in every bite. Sometimes, the bag doesn't even make it out the door...

    crunch, munch, gone!

  • Mindy Conary

    One Bite & You'll Understand The Name.

    Shortbread cookies have been my favorite since I was a little girl. We all know that nothing beats homemade but with a busy work schedule baking around the holidays can be a challenge. One bite of this amazing cookie and you'll understand the name because anything this good has to be made with love. These cookies melt in your mouth with a bit of salty

  • Laura Reese

    Loved the shortbread cookies from @love_shortbread!! I wish I had taken a picture before they were gone.

  • Bobbi's Mexican Food

    We have run out of Love Shortbread immediately, every time we restock they are gone. (I am guilty of eating several bags, myself!!!) these cookies are so delicious, its obvious they are made with integrity and love.

  • Stacy Gerin

    I cannot, I mean really, cannot eat any other shortbread cookies! Doing a couple extra miles for you!

    Mine get eaten in an evening, the whole bag!!!

  • Dolores Larson

    Best cookies ever. Thank you love shortbread. Name speaks for itself!

  • Yvonne Hanson

    I have to say... Hot chocolate with whipped cream and your delicious Love Shortbread is a favorite of mine! Love!

  • Kim DiMarzio

    A beautiful friend says “Love is Love”, and I couldn’t agree more! If you Love Shortbread she makes the best- in a home kitchen. She isn’t local (if she was she’d be your favorite neighbor) but she does ship! ”Cookies are the answer to everything!”— with Love Shortbread in Franconia, NH.

  • Michelle Van Duzen

    Kimmy's homemade shortbread goes great with our tea!!